Aeon Igni

From spaceships to airships, captains to cyborgs, Aeon is always trying to reach for the life beyond ordinary in her writing. She grew up on an entertainment regimen of Art Bell every night and the X-Files on Sundays, which might have influenced her writing. Just a bit.

Aeon’s non-fiction background includes teaching English abroad in Korea and China for over eight years. She taught all ages, from kindergarten to continuing adult education at private English schools and three universities. She learned that encouraging students to use their imagination to research, discuss and write about their interests is the best way to ensure academic and personal growth.

In fiction, Aeon writes predominately novellas and short stories, indulging in her passions for science fiction, romance, fast ships, and heroic men. When not writing, you can usually find her at Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, or trying to break into Area 51 – because you just *know* there is a UFO under there.


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