New Release: City of Darkness

Announcing the New Release of City of Darkness: A Bite From the Past!


Sammi stared at her phone in disbelief. Someone she was supposed to protect was dead. But why? Her case should’ve been a simple one. Certainly not something anyone would need to kill for.

So what secret was worth committing murder?

As the investigation deepens and the list of suspects grows smaller, Sammi finds herself digging deeper to discover the truth. But with each step she takes, her human ex-boyfriend seems to be creeping back into her heart. He reminds her why, even as a succubus, she wants sex to involve love, and also she hasn’t loved since the day he broke her heart.

But as they venture closer to the truth, will she be able to handle putting not only herself in danger, but the man she once loved?

**** “City of Darkness” is Part Three of a 5-part serialized novel. ****

Check out the entire series:
Book 1- City of Disorder
Book 2- City of Defiance
Book 3- City of Darkness
Book 4- City of Danger
Book 5- City of Death***

Pick up your FREE copy today on Amazon or your favorite book retailer!


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