New Release: City of Defiance

Announcing the New Release of City of Defiance: A Bite From the Past!


The city was getting more dangerous with each passing day. With rogue vampires attacking humans, young faeries disappearing, and a growing war between two powerful species, Stockwell Protection had its hands full. But was Sammi working the case of a lifetime? No. She was left to train Luke, her ex-boyfriend, on the basics of being a Human Defender.

Not only did her head protest the unfairness of being kept from such an important case, her heart cried out at the idea of walking the city with Luke by her side. Each second with him reminded her of the many moments that led to falling in love with him. And also the betrayal that led to him breaking her heart.

But when their case turns out to be more than anyone ever imagined, will Sammi be able to keep the people under her protection safe? Or will the demon’s warning prove to be true, will death haunt her every step?

**** “City of Defiance” is Part Two of a 5-part serialized novel. ****

Check out the entire series:
Book 1- City of Disorder
Book 2- City of Defiance
Book 3- City of Darkness
Book 4- City of Danger
Book 5- City of Death***

Pick up your FREE copy today on Amazon or your favorite book retailer!


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