New Release: The Empty Throne

Announcing the New Release of The Empty Throne: Alien Mating Frenzy!


Where am I and why does my head hurt so badly? Syri Moro stares around the strange human contraption known as a truck, trying to remember what led to this moment. The hairs on the back of her neck stand on end as she peers through the smashed glass at the darkened woods. Something is wrong.

And then it hits hers, where was her mate? Where was Rayden?

It was supposed to be a quick mission, go to Earth, find Rayden, and return him to their mother ship before the traitor could steal the throne. But now, as she fights to save Rayden and herself against impossible odds, her plans have changed.

Her new goal? To keep them alive.

**** “The Empty Throne” is Part Three of a 5-part serialized novel. Each serial is roughly 10,000 words.****

Check out the entire series:
Book 1- The Two Pawns
Book 2- The Reluctant King
Book 3- The Empty Throne
Book 4- The Villain’s Gambit
Book 5- The Throne Reclaimed

Prefer to pick up the whole box set in one shot? Check out Alien Mating Frenzy!******

Pick up your FREE copy today on Amazon or your favorite book retailer!


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