New Release: To Kiss a Warrior

Announcing the New Release of To Kiss a Warrior: An Alien Rogue Romance!


Starflight Academy… the tests are hard, but what’s a girl to do when her hot alien is even harder?

It’s the first day of Starflight Academy, and Hannah Stowe has her eye on the prize. Captain Stowe has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? That’s why she’s not going to be distracted by the spectacular Keltair male who just stepped off the ship next to hers. That would be dangerous – with a capital D.

But how can she stay away?

With his quarters just across the hall, and the sexual tension between them building at every glance, the real question is which will be more difficult: passing her classes or staying away from him?

**** “To Kiss a Warrior” is Part One of a 5-part serialized novel. Each serial is roughly 10,000 words.****

Check out the entire series:
Book 1- To Kiss a Warrior
Book 2- To Touch a Warrior
Book 3- To Protect a Warrior
Book 4- To Trust a Warrior
Book 5- To Love a Warrior

Prefer to pick up the whole box set? Check out Alien Warrior!***

Pick up your FREE copy today on Amazon or your favorite book retailer!


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