New Release: The Reluctant King

Announcing the New Release of The Reluctant King: Alien Mating Frenzy!


Syri Moro is no longer the calm, collective female she has always been. Instead, she’s overwhelmed by her urge to mate with the darkly seductive Rayden Oshier. He, a male betrothed to her since they were children, has changed in the years since she last saw him. But in the midst of her mating frenzy, she can think of nothing but her need to touch him. To taste him. To finally have him inside her.

Nothing else matters in that moment.

But when her needs are finally sated, what will she discover about the male she’s tied herself to for eternity? Has life on the human planet made him forget his duty to their own kind? And even if she can convince him to return to their mother ship, will they be able to survive long enough to save the people of Earth from the dangerous plans of a traitor?

**** “The Reluctant King” is Part Two of a 5-part serialized novel. Each serial is roughly 10,000 words.****

Check out the entire series:
Book 1- The Two Pawns
Book 2- The Reluctant King
Book 3- The Empty Throne
Book 4- The Villain’s Gambit
Book 5- The Throne Reclaimed

Prefer to pick up the whole box set in one shot? Check out Alien Mating Frenzy!******

Pick up your FREE copy today on Amazon or your favorite book retailer!


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