New Release: To Challenge A Warrior

Announcing the New Release of Starflight Graduates Part 1!


Two years after graduating from the academy, Hannah Stowe’s life is pretty damned good. Except for one thing. But even though her heart squeezes every time she thinks about the sexy Keltair male, Liam Fallow, she won’t allow herself to miss him. How could she possibly have time, when her career is right on track?

She’s been offered the position of Lieutenant Commander aboard the brand new, state-of-the-art spaceship The Odyssey. It’s an incredible opportunity, bringing her one step closer to commanding a Level 10 starship. Everything is going according to plan.

Until she realizes her new boss is none other than Liam himself.

I’m a professional, she reminds herself over and over. It shouldn’t matter that her new commander is the only man she’s ever loved. The only man to ever break her heart.

He may believe she’s simply going to obey. But unfortunately for him, he’s going to find that she’s not the starry-eyed cadet she once was.


Pick up your copy on Amazon or your favorite book retailer today!


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