New Release: To Love A Warrior

Announcing the New Release of Starflight Academy Part 5: To Love A Warrior!


Starflight Academy… the tests are hard, but what’s a girl to do when her hot alien is even harder?

Hannah Stowe probably should have accepted she was in over her head when she found an injector sticking out of her neck. Or maybe when she was dragged through Starflight Academy gardens like a sack of potatoes. But no, she couldn’t just lay there and be abducted like a good little girl, she had to flight back.

Probably a bad idea when she’s outnumbered and numb from the injection. At least that what her throbbing face says after the little traitor punched her repeatedly.

As things slowly start to go from bad to worse, all she can hope for is that someone out there cares enough to go looking for the stubborn woman who never seems capable of asking for him. Maybe someone like the sexy Keltair male, Liam.

But how will he know that she’s been taken? And even if he figures it out, what happens if he’s too late?


Pick up your copy today on Amazon or your favorite book retailer!


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